What does aircraft charter mean?

Chartering an aircraft means a single payer rents the entire aircraft as opposed to individual seats. The client determines the number of passengers, departure time, and destination.

What if you're all booked or I need a larger aircraft?

We have resources to work on your behalf in obtaining quotes from qualified Air Carriers to meet your travel needs.

When our aircraft are booked and you need a lift, we have a network of individual Part 135 Certified Air Carriers that we can broker with.  The aircraft are sourced to get you the best rate for your specific itinerary.  There is no additional charge for us to set up a brokered aircraft for you.

How can I receive a quote and book a charter flight?

Call our toll free number: (541) 690-8294, or email: [email protected] at any time. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Will there be other passengers on my charter flight?

The only passengers on your flight will be the ones you invite to join you.  You will have complete privacy and security during the entire flight.

Are pets allowed on a charter flight?

During your charter flight your pet is allowed to sit right alongside you, enjoying the same level of comfort as you.  Spare your pet the agony of being left behind, or worse, having to endure the cargo compartment of a commercial airline.

Do you serve food and beverages on your charter flights?

Soft drinks, bottled water and snacks are provided on all flights at no charge.  Special requests and specific catering items may be available with prior arrangements and an additional fee.

Isn't flying commercial much cheaper and faster?

It is true that an individual seat ticket will cost less money and that airlines have a higher cruising speed.  Charter flights eliminate waiting times, won’t leave without you, don’t lose bags, don’t have layovers, you choose if you want babies or sick people onboard, no security pat-downs, keep your shoes on,  can often get you closer to your destination by using satellite airports, return the same day to avoid overnight expenses, and bring your friends/family for just a small charge in federal taxes.

Time, stress reduction, and productivity are certainly gained by utilizing charter services.

What are your cancellation policies?

  • NO PENALTY for cancellations received 73 hours or more prior to departure date
  • 10% penalty of total quote for cancellations received 72-24 hours prior to departure date
  • 50% penalty of total quote if canceled within 23 hour of flight time
  • 100% penalty of total quote if canceled less than 2 hours from flight time and/or for a no-show.

How far in advance do you I need to schedule a reservation?

Scheduling a flight is based on availability of aircraft. If you have a need for a specific date, it is best to request a quote upon deciding to travel with PacJet, Inc.  A quote would be provided for your requested flight itinerary. Upon accepting the quote your reservation is confirmed.

What costs are involved in an aircraft charter?

There are many pricing components that go into a charter quote. Pricing that affect the cost of a private aircraft charter is listed below:

  • Federal Excise Tax: For all charter flights in the domestic US, there is a 7.5% of the “amount paid” (US FET) that is collected for all private air carriers. These costs are always included in our quote.
  • Segment Fees: These vary from airport to airport and are set by local authorities. PacJet, Inc. includes these fees in our original quote. A domestic segment fee is a passenger tax that applies to the segment of a trip in the United States. Many operators do not provide a single line item for this fee in their quotes.
  • Landing Fees: All operators must pay airport landing fee as noted by the airport when a fee is charged. Once again, PacJet, Inc. includes these costs in our charter pricing. The fees can range from $50 to $500 depending on the size and weight of the aircraft used for the charter.
  • International Fees: These fees are associated with operating in foreign countries. PacJet, Inc. will verify the information and include applicable fees in your original quote.

We believe that to develop long term relationships with our clients, we must be honest and forthright about the charges that our clients will incur when choosing to book their private aircraft charter with us. PacJet, Inc.

What are some of the requirements necessary to fly?

A government issued photo ID is required for all passengers 18 years of age and older.

Items on the TSA prohibited items list are prohibited on board the aircaraft. Refer to the Transportation Security administration (TSA) website for an updated list. http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/prohibited/permitted-prohibited-items.shtm

PacJet reserves the right to inspect all carry-on bags or luggage prior to boarding and to abort the flight if the foregoing conditions are not met.

These procedures have been implemented to insure the safety of our passengers and flight crew. We appricate your understanding and cooperation.


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